Posted by jujipup on 9th of July 2020 at 04:48 PM NST

As we work to wrap up the corners of the latest Altador Cup, forgive us for the delay, we'd like to bring up a few things.

First, if you haven't participated in our AC Customisation Spotlight, our entries are still currently open.  They will close on Sunday, July 12th at 11:59pm NST time.  So get your entries in!  We are accepting all team entries, but currently are missing any entries from the following teams:


AC XV Customization Spotlight Entries OPEN Until July 12th, 11:59pm NST


Second, if you have any scores from the TNT Staff Tournament we are missing on our TNT Staff Tournament Guide, please Contact Us.  We really appreciate the assistance!

What a year!


Posted by phoenixs_angel on 2nd of July 2020 at 09:00 AM NST

For now, we've been able to find some possible prizes for the AC prize shop. Based on the previous years, this means we can expect the prize shop to show up soon:

So far, we've found:

  • Yooyu Trading Card
  • Yooyuball Classic Poster - Keetra Deile
  • Trampoline Yooyu
  • Altador Cup XV Championship Ring
  • Altador Cup XV Commemorative Stamp


  • Team Altador Gym Bag
  • Team Brightvale Gym Bag
  • Team Darigan Citadel Gym Bag
  • Team Faerieland Gym Bag
  • Team Haunted Woods Gym Bag
  • Team Kiko Lake Gym Bag
  • Team Krawk Island Gym Bag
  • Team Kreludor Gym Bag
  • Team Lost Desert Gym Bag
  • Team Maraqua Gym Bag
  • Team Meridell Gym Bag
  • Team Moltara Gym Bag
  • Team Mystery Island Gym Bag
  • Team Roo Island Gym Bag
  • Team Shenkuu Gym Bag
  • Team Terror Mountain Gym Bag
  • Team Tyrannia Gym Bag
  • Team Virtupets Gym Bag

Edit: We found three more prizes

  • Prytariel Action Figure
  • Terror Mountain Vintage Jersey
  • Altador Cup Winning Podium


We'll be updating this newspost if we find any more prizes.

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