Posted by phoenixs_angel on 11th of July 2019 at 08:50 AM NST

Several new item names that are likely to be possible Altador Cup Prize Shop prizes have shown up! (This also means the Altador Cup Prize Shop  will be coming anytime soon!)

So far, we have found the following items:

  • AC XIV Commemorative Stamp
  • Yooyuball Bookmark
  • Yooyuball Felt Puzzle
  • Vintage Yooyu Alarm Clock
  • Yooyu Trelis Arch Gate
  • Yooyu Referee Whistle
  • Star Yooyuball Book
  • Flaming Yooyu Hi-Lo Dress

We have also found the team prizes, those items that will be available in colours for each team. Sound like they will be wearable again this year!

  • Team Altador Wrist Bands
  • Team Brightvale Wrist Bands
  • Team Darigan Citadel Wrist Bands
  • Team Faerieland Wrist Bands
  • Team Haunted Woods Wrist Bands
  • Team Kiko Lake Wrist Bands Team
  • Krawk Island Wrist Bands
  • Team Kreludor Wrist Bands
  • Team Lost Desert Wrist Bands
  • Team Maraqua Wrist Bands
  • Team Meridell Wrist Bands
  • Team Moltara Wrist Bands
  • Team Mystery Island Wrist Bands'
  • Team Roo Island Wrist Bands
  • 'Team Shenkuu Wrist Band
  • Team Terror Mountain Wrist Bands
  • Team Tyrannia Wrist Bands
  • Team Virtupets Wrist Bands

We will update this newspost if we discover any more prizes.

Edit: two more possible prizes have been found:

  • Diamond Yooyu Pendant
  • Dainty Yooyu Bracelet
Posted by caileanmalfoy on 10th of July 2019 at 10:54 AM NST

There is a new FREE Cupcake in the NC Mall: 12th Birthday Cupcake of Iridescence. And because it's a NC item, that means you can collect it on your side accounts as well as on your main!



In addition to to receiving a new NC item, feeding this cupcake to your pet will also make it gain +5 Endurance points.

Posted by silly_mistake on 3rd of July 2019 at 06:08 PM NST

TNT has left a message in the News regarding the downtime and the Altador Cup results. 

Attention Altador Cup players! We understand the downtime of our site has affected the tournament and so July 6th and 7th will be practice days. You can submit scores and improve your ranks while the brackets standings will remain the same. Prize shops will also be open soon!

So to clarify JULY 6TH AND JULY 7TH you will play against the practice team, but you will still be able to earn personal points. 

Like you could actually beat something that doesn't exist?

Posted by silly_mistake on 28th of June 2019 at 06:25 PM NST

From Today's NT Issue regarding the lag and downtime: 

Hi there, as you may have noticed we are experiencing technical difficulties with our site. We are aware of the root of the problem and are actively working to control and solve the issues here. Until they are completely solved we may be experiencing a bit more lag/downtime. We will continue to update you moving forward. We sincerely apologise about all the lost time on the site without communication, we wanted to be sure of the issue before engaging. We appreciate your patience and we hope to get things resolved as soon as possible.

You can't get rid of me!


While you are waiting, why not enter your pet in our AC Customisation Spotlight?  We are taking entries through June 30th.  All entries are welcome, but there are still some categories we have no entries which you can view below.


AC XIV Customization Spotlight Entries NOW CLOSED

Categories that Need Entries

Team Support
Faerieland - NC Included
Haunted Woods - NC Included
Kreludor - NP Only && NC Included
Maraqua - NP Only
Meridell - NP Only
Moltara - NC Included
Mystery Island - NP Only && NC Included
Roo Island - NP Only
Shenkuu - NP Only
Terror Mountain - NC Included
Tyrannia - NP Only && NC Included
Virtupets - NP Only && NC Included

Game Fanatic
Yooyuball - NC Included
Slushie Slinger - NC Included
Make Some Noise - NP Only
Shootout Showdown - NP Only && NC Included

Posted by depraving on 28th of June 2019 at 09:09 AM NST

Wishing you a very happy Acara Day and to celebrate we have a brand new adoptable! This little Acara just loves her petpet Rock and decided it needed a bit of a makeover for the celebration:

Acara Artist

Find this adoptable and more at the Adoptables page!

Posted by jujipup on 24th of June 2019 at 09:27 PM NST

We have added a couple new graphics for you including a new avatar, banner, and petpage.  We hope you enjoy.  We are hoping to release more graphics soon, so please if you have a suggestion, please fill out our Graphics Request Form.  We'd love to hear from you!

Stay colorful!!

What a colorful world!

Posted by jujipup on 23rd of June 2019 at 11:10 AM NST

There are plenty of openings in our AC Customisation Spotlight that have no entries.  Please consider on this practice day submitting your AC Customisations to our spotlight.  Show your pets' team spirit and see if they've got this years top customs!  Spotlight entries need to be in by 11:59pm NST, June 30th.  Below you can see categories that are missing entries, but please keep submitting your entries all around.

AC XIV Customization Spotlight Entries NOW CLOSED

Team Support

Team NP Only NC Included
Darigan Citadel Entries Needed  
Faerieland   Entries Needed
Haunted Woods   Entries Needed
Kiko Lake   Entries Needed
Kreludor Entries Needed Entries Needed
Lost Desert Entries Needed  
Maraqua Entries Needed  
Meridell Entries Needed  
Moltara Entries Needed Entries Needed
Mystery Island Entries Needed Entries Needed
Roo Island Entries Needed  
Shenkuu Entries Needed  
Terror Mountain Entries Needed Entries Needed
Tyrannia Entries Needed Entries Needed
Virtupets Entries Needed Entries Needed


Game Fanatic

Game NP Only NC Included
Yooyuball   Entries Needed
Slushie Slinger   Entries Needed
Make Some Noise Entries Needed  
Shootout Showdown Entries Needed Entries Needed


A few of our pets dressed supporting their favorite teams!


Posted by caileanmalfoy on 20th of June 2019 at 03:07 AM NST

There are now two new avatars for you to collect: Royalboy Lutari and Robot Vandagyre!

Royalboy Lutari Royalboy Lutari - Visit the lookup of a Royalboy Lutari while having five unique items with word 'lutari' in them in your inventory.
Font coming soon.

Robot Vandagyre Robot Vandagyre - Visit the lookup of a Robot Vandagyre while your active pet has a Robot-painted petpet attached.
Font coming soon.


Check out our Avatar Listing if you need help to collect them all!

And if you have a Robot Vandagyre, Royalboy Lutari or other avatar related pet please consider submitting them to us. We are always especially in need of Baby Kougras younger than 60 days and Darigan Pteris close to 644 days old.


Posted by jujipup on 17th of June 2019 at 10:29 AM NST

If you haven't already, please take the time out to enter our AC Customisation Spotlight.  Show off your amazing customisations skills and see if your pet can top all the rest!

AC XIV Customization Spotlight Entries NOW CLOSED

A few of our pets dressed supporting their favorite teams!

The results are in for week two of our SunnyNeo AC Staff Tournament!  Things have shaken up!  Grandma's Candy took last weeks third place in Yooyuball hard and pushed this week in the game.  This extra push allowed them to claim the coveted first place in the main event.  They held strong to their Slushie Slinger first place position.  They also improved their Make Some Noise a bit moving up from third to second while holding their second place spot in Shootout Showdown.  Their commitment in moving their ranks up in two games and holding fast to the other two, lead them to land first place this week!  Way to go, Grandma's Candy!  Into the Sunset only fell to second place.  They lost a little ground on YooyuBall moving from second to third, and falling in their Make Some Noise from last weeks first to third this week!  What really saved the team from falling any further was their claim to first place in Shootout Showdown.  This week Waffle Heroes vowed to not fall in last place overall and improved their scores.  They sacrificed their Yooyuball game to focus their efforts in the side games and it worked!  Last week had them in fourth for Slushie Slinger, and this week they moved up to second.  They went from second to first in Make Some Noise, and from fourth to third in Shootout Showdown.  This extra effort caused Waffle Heroes to tie with Into the Sunset for second place!  Unfortunately, The Hive took a dive this week and the loss stings a little.  They managed to hold some ground in Yooyuball falling from first to second.  However, the side games is what hurt them.  With the extra effort from other teams on the side games, and The Hive's decrease in effort on them, they fell fourth in all three side games.  The Hive is a-buzz with motivation to show they've got what it takes this coming week and their buzz is worse than their sting!



Were you able to increase your effort this last week?

Are you looking for some older news? Visit our News Archive.